Chicken Salad – 329 Calories

Chicken Salad – 329 Calories / No oil , No Butter or Mayonnaise used in cooking


Chicken -83 calories
1-Chicken breast 3oz (83 calories)
2-Curry powder 1/4 tsp
3-Cinnamon 1/4 tsp
4-Cumin 1/4tsp
5-Garlic powder 1/4tsp
6-Salt 1/4tsp
7-Water 4 tbsp
Cut chicken in cubes and season .
Sauté with the water in a small covered pan on medium burner,medium heat, until cooked,around 6 minutes.
*In absence of above ingredients for seasoning of the chicken,just use Season Salt or plain salt.

Vegetables -48 calories

1-Onion 50g (20 calories)
2-Carrots 25g (20 calories)
3-Mini peppers 25g (8 calories)
Chop same size as small as you can the onions and peppers.
Shred the carrots.

Walnuts & Dried cranberries -122 calories
1-Walnuts 8g (60 calories)
2-Dried cranberries 20g (62 calories)
Chop walnuts and cranberries.

Dressing -76 calories
1-Avocado 30 g (45 calories)
2-Apple cider vinegar 1tbs
3-Dijon mustard 1tbs ( 5 calories)
4-Apple 50g (26 calories)
5-Salt 1/4 tsp
6-Water 6tbsp
Mix together in blender until creamy.
In a bowl ,mix well the dressing with all the other ingredients .



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