Helpful tips for cooking soups

Helpful tips for cooking soups
In most of the soup directions you will notice the expressions : Pot covered half way. The picture below shows how it looks like.

Pot Covered Hal Way

We leave the cover of the pot this way , in order for the heat to escape during boiling and the soups don’t overflow.
CAUTION! During cooking make sure to DO NOT TOUCH the handle of the cover with bare hands.
As a side note: I grew up eating different soups .I was taught that the first step in making soup is putting oil on the pot after you keep adding and sautéing different vegetables and meats. Then you add seasoning , water and boil all ingredients together .The soups came out delicious.

I wanted to make the same delicious soups but with lesser calories  and less work.
I don’t use any oil in all my soup recipes under the section “Weight loss recipes “. I do that in order to stay low in calories. While I am trying to lose weight every calorie counts and I want to make good use of the calories. Lack of oil does not mean lack of flavor. Is not oil that gives the taste to the soups but it is the methods of cooking and ingredients added. Also using oil is not what will keep me full, I would rather chose to add to my soups  more filling vegetables or meats .




Since we all live busy life, I skip the sauté part which makes the recipe easier to cook. Once you cut the vegetables or meats you just put them in the pot and add water and let it boil instead of spending time sautéing. Even though most of the soups take 30 -40 minutes to boil you don’t have to stand by. You are free to do other chores while soups are boiling.

I like eating soups at least 3 to 4 times a week in lunch time. The soup recipes that i am sharing are easy to make delicious and filling. Each recipe the ingredients are just for one serving. Making soups just one serving makes it easier to learn how to cook them. Once you get used to make the soups you can make them in greater quantities. If you want to make more then one serving add the ingredients accordingly and use a bigger pot and put it over bigger burner. In all the recipes  I used medium size pot ,which I put it over a medium size burner .

Be creative with ingredients. If you don’t have a particular ingredient just try adding another one that you have and maybe you come up with a new soup recipe. Some of my soups recipes ideas came by doing just that. Add extra seasoning to the soups, according to your taste.

Some soups are high in calories to stand alone as main meal and some others you need to add meats or extra ingredients to be considered a meal.
If you want soups to be more hearty you can add chopped meats since the beginning of the coking or after they are cooked you can add leftover meats.
Just don’t forget to count the added calories .

To give extra kick to some of the soups, just before i eat them I add salsa, hot sauce or sauerkraut .
Find out what works for you.

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