Ribeye steak with mixed vegetables side dish-398 calories

Ribeye Steak With Side of Mixed Vegetables & Salad topped with Glazed Pecans – 398 Calories / No oil or butter used in cooking


Ribeye steak -207 calories
1-Ribeye steak 3oz (207 calories)
2-Seasoning steak 1/4 tsp of your favorite seasoning or just salt.
*follow instructions how to cook the steak under subheading:Meats & fish cooking.

Mixed vegetables -56 calories
1- Asparagus 30g (6 calories)
2-Butternut squash 20g (10 calories)
3-Carrots 25g (10 calories) to
4-Frozen sweet corn 35g (30 calories)
5-No salt Herb seasoning 1/4 tsp

Slice thinly ,diagonally ,the asparagus.
Slice thinly lengthwise,like matchsticks ,carrots,butternut squash.
*If you want a short cut ,instead of cutting the carrots and butternut squash, you can shred them.
In a small covered pan put the mixed vegetables and seasoning.
Put the pan over medium burner ,high heat.
Add 3 tbsp water and cook covered for 6 -8 minutes ,mixing the vegetables every 2 minutes.
*If you find it that the pan gets sticky keep adding one or two tablespoons of water each time ,until 8 minutes are done.

Romain lettuce & apple -18 calories
1-Romain lettuce 45 g ( 5 calories)
2-Apple 25g (13 calories)
Cut lettuce.
Cut apples thinly like matchsticks.Mix together .
*Cut the apple thin slices ,then cut them thinly ,lengthwise .Now you have cut apples that look like matchsticks.

Dressing -42 calories
1-Apple 25g (13 calories)
*cut it in chunks before put it in blender
2-Avocado 15g (24 calories)
3-Dijon Mustard 1tsp (5 calories)
4-Apple cider vinegar 1tsp
5-Water 5tbsp
6-Salt 1/8tsp
Put all ingredients in a blender and blend until creamy.
Mix the dressing with lettuce and apples.

Glazed Pecan -75 calories
1- Pecan 8g (60 calories)
2-Brown sugar 1tsp (15 calories)
3-Water 1tbsp
Dissolve the sugar in water .
Add the pecan in sugary mix.
Put all in a small .
Put the pan over medium burner,medium heat .
Keep mixing with spatula the water and pecans until water evaporates and pan becomes sticky.
Remove from heat and let it cool.
Add the glazed pecans on top of the salad.


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