Change the mindset

Keeping committed in taking care of your health it involves changing attitude or behavior in the way that you deal with the set backs, which of course will happen often especially at first. When faced with setbacks, don’t just quit or resolve in dealing with it in the same way as before. You know well how often your efforts in taking charge of your health were sabotages from old habits and behaviors.
When you stumble instead of staying down, get up, use that stumbling stone as a stepping stone instead. Learn from the experience and continue to build on it. This will help you to be consistent in doing what is good for your health and eventually you will see the wanted results. As you do this  in regular basis you will build mental fortitude. But you have to remember that being consistent does not mean perfection.

Keep in mind  what it means to be consistent:build motivation ready for print_page_022

Confronting challenges
Ok to stumble
Never give up
Slow and steady
Instead of moping
Start coping
To gain
No excuses
Today or tomorrow we

build motivation ready for print_page_022To think about: What will it take for you to be consistent? What are the weaknesses you have that could sabotage your efforts?
On the other hand what are your strengths that can propel you forward?

We have to remember also that being consistent with what is good comes after we learn how to handle challenges or obstacles we face in reaching our goals. Don’t despair when you face challenges, instead view them as opportunities to strengthen your commitment.

Being consistent with something new is not easy because it feels like we are trying to walk in a new path which is unfamiliar and the tendency is to go back to what we know. But remember that with every new path more that you walk in it more visible it will become and the other path eventually will fade away.

build motivation ready for print_page_022-1New paths are not made by how fast you run through them
Rather by how often we walk in them

You don’t want to take care of your health just to reach deadline like with a project,  and after you done. You have to realize that losing weight is the first step in making a lifestyle change that will continue to benefit you for the rest of your life. Set small goals to reach along the way in order to keep you consistent and committed in taking care of your health for the long run.

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