Enough to broken promises


build motivation ready for print_page_022Another way to stay committed to our health is by saying enough to broken promises. Many times we promise ourselves and the loved ones that we will put ourselves first and we will take care of our health. Sadly more often then not we end up breaking that promise and we find ourselves in the same place time after time. But just take a moment to think about it 🤔 When it comes to keeping promises that we make to our loved ones we do our best to live up to those promises since we don’t want to let them down . It should not be any different with the promises that we make to ourselves in taking care of our health. Why do we find it easier to break these promises or push them aside by thinking  that it requires too much time and efforts on our part?


build motivation ready for print_page_022-1I feel blessed that I have a lot of people in my life that love me and I love them back. I find great joy showing that love by taking care of them in regular basis or sadly when sickness strike and more time and attention is required. Since nurturing others brings me great joy I had to learn to balance how to take care of others needs without neglecting my needs. When we find ourselves in the position of a caretaker we have the tendency to put them first and forget ourselves. We tend to neglect taking care of our health to the best of our abilities. Every day , but especially in the moments that others depend on us , we have to make sure that we give our needs priority.

build motivation ready for print_page_022Let me briefly illustrate. We hear these instructions often when we fly: “If an emergency occurs during the flight and you need to use the oxygen mask please put the mask on yourself first before you help your children or somebody else “. That sounds like selfish thing to do but actually it is the wise and unselfish thing to do since we can’t help anybody else if we can’t help ourselves. Especially  if you travel with children they look up to us to understand and follow directions in order for us to help ourselves and them. When the flight attendants speak, those instructions are not just mere suggestions they are directions that can save our lives .They expecting us to follow directions just so, in order for us to help ourselves at least, so they don’t have to worry to come and save us in emergency situation when time is of essence.

build motivation ready for print_page_022-1This example illustrates the importance and the need for us to don’t neglect taking care of our health. We have to make time to take care for ourselves first even while we are busy taking care of others. Taking care of our health it should not be viewed as a to do chore left in the bottom of our to do list, rather it should be viewed as a necessity that can’t be ignored. As we stay committed in taking  care of ourselves we will be in better position to help others who need our help. Commitment to our health involves more then just a desire to lose certain amount of weight it involves changing our old mindset in what it means in taking best care of our health.


  • Dieting, just for a while
    Does not add up to a healthy lifestyle.build motivation ready for print_page_022
  • Health requires a commitment firm
    To follow through for the long-term.
  • You can’t stay in denial
    As your weight start to pile;
  • You can’t quit or retire
    When things get grim or dire.
  • Endurance and patience hold the key
    To the change you want to see.
  • When you stumble or feel unsure,
    Tell yourself, “I shall endure!”

build motivation ready for print_page_022-1Commitment to your health means to remind yourself of the consequences of not taking the right action now in caring for your health .How that will affect you physically and emotionally in the next month , next year, next decade. How it will affect your loved ones.Don’t ignore also the fact that not taking care of your health effects also all the other areas of our life.

  • It’s vital to appreciate and take care of you,
    Because it affects everything that you do,
  • Say “I can do this “ and strength you will find,
    You have a choice, so make up your mind,
  • That when you’re feeling down or blue,                     build motivation ready for print_page_022
    And quitting is the easy thing to do,
  • You’ll grasp determination you need
    To forge ahead and to succeed

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