Baking Pans


Baking pans
Small : 11 inches with 7.5 inches
Medium: 13.5 inches with 9.5 inches
Large: 14.5 inches with 11.5 inches

Glass Baking pans
Oval pan :10 inches with 7 inches
Rectangle pan :9 inches with 5 inches
Usually I use these two pans for meatloaf or banana bread.

Ceramic Baking Pan
Small: 5 inches diameter
Medium: 7.5 inches diameter
Large: 9.5 inches diameter
Usually I use these pans for deserts or chicken pot pie

Round glass baking pans
Small: 6 inches diameter
Large: 9 inches diameter
I usually use these baking pans to bake pies.

As a side note: I often use glass baking pans in my baking.That doesn’t  mean that you should go and buy exactly what I have . Use whatever pans works for you as long as the pan measurements are the same.


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