Flour Tortilla with ground turkey , zucchini & cucumber salad -301 calories

Flour Tortilla With Ground Turkey & Cucumber / Zucchini Salad -301 Calories / No oil or butter used in cooking


Ground turkey and onions mix -117 calories
1-Ground turkey 2oz (75 calories)
2-Onion 100g (42 calories)
3-Water 4 tbsp
4-Season salt 1/4 tsp
Put the above ingredients in a small pan over medium burner.
Cook covered ,in medium heat ,for 10 minutes.
Every 2 minute keep mixing by making sure that you do not leave the turkey to become a lump but instead to be evenly mixed with onions.

Flour Tortilla 1 pice -140 calories
Take the tortilla and brush all around the edges with water since when folded you need to press the edges of tortilla together in order for the filling to stay in.
*If this step is hard for you another option is ,to sprinkle shredded mozzarella cheese over the meat filling so when folded in half gets sticky and keeps the tortilla together.Just make sure to count the calories.
Put the filling in the half of one side of tortilla,making sure the filling don’t go over the edges .
Fold the other half and press those edges together all around.
After you fold and press put it in a medium pan ,medium heat .
Bake for three minutes each side or until desired crisp .
Let it cool in a rack so does not become soggy.
Cut it in half.

Zucchini,cucumber salad -44 calories
1-Zucchini 50g (8 calories)
2-Cucumber 75g (9 calories)
Cut thinly with decorative knife cucumbers & zucchini.
Mix them together
*If you don’t have decorative knife , use regular knife.

Dressing -27 calories
1-Cucumber 25g (3 calories)
2-Avocado 15g (24 calories)
3-Apple cider vinegar 1tsp
4-Dill weed (dry) 1/4 tsp
5-Salt 1/8 tsp
Put ingredients in the blender and blend well until creamy.
Pour it over salad and mix well.

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