Tofu cucumber & zucchini salad -106 calories

Cucumber Tofu salad


1-Baked tofu 1.7 oz (70 calories)
Slice thinly only 1oz tofu.Use the rest of baked tofu for the dressing .
*Learn how to bake tofu.Click ,Helpful tips then How to prepare.
2-Cucumber 100g(12 calories)
3-Zucchini 50g (8 calories)
Cut zucchini & cucumbers thinly with wavy knife ,as shown on picture.
Mix together with sliced tofu
Add the dressing over and mix well.
1-Tofu 0.7 oz
2-Apple cider vinegar 1/2tbsp
3-Water 3 tbsp
4-Salt 1/4 tsp
5-Avocado 10g (16 calories)
Mix above ingredients in blender until creamy.

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