Measurements tools & Pots and Pans

All the recipes are cooked in GAS STOVE.
I use the broiler often in my recipes.All the foods that require broiler are cooked in a broiler that is on top ,inside the oven.
Take note :My broiler is NOT in the bottom or in a separate compartment underneath the actual oven.If you follow my recipes in different types of broilers then mine,I am not sure how that will effect the result of the recipe.

Measurement tools
1-Food scale ,that measures  in Ounces & Grams
2-Measuring spoons
3-Measuring cups

Measuring Spoons & Measuring Cups

1-Sauté pans
In most of my recipes I use a small and medium sauté pan.
Small size sauté pan size: 8.5 inches diameter and 2.5 inches deep.
Medium size sauté pan:10.5 inch diameter and 3.5 deep

In most of my recipes i use small and medium size pot,as seen picture below.
1- Small size pot is: 5.3/4 inches diameter and 2.3/4 inches deep.
2-Medium size is : 8 inches diameter and 5 inches deep.

3- A wok
Large:14 inches diameter


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