Brownies -695 calories – 69.5 calories each piece



Brownies – 10 pieces / 69.5 Calories each pice / No oil or butter used in baking

1-Quinoa 1/4 cup (159 calories)
*ground the quinoa in a blender until looks like flour.Mix with 1tsp baking powder.
2-Apple 50g (26 calories)
3-Avocado 30g (48 calories)
4-Almond flour 1/4 cup (160 calories)
5-Coco powder unsweetened 1tbsp (10 calories)
6-Black beans 61g (75 calories)
7-Walnuts 16g (93 calories)
8-Dark chocolate 10g (64 calories)
9-Water 3 tbsp
10-Agave 1tbsp (60 calories)
*For me , just 1 tbsp agave is enough sweetness because I enjoy bittersweet flavor,but if you want more sweetness, you can add one extra tablespoon agave.Just make sure to count the extra calories.
Put in a blender water, avocado, agave,coco powder, black beans,apple,
Blend until smooth and creamy.
Add quinoa ,almond flour ,chopped walnuts and the dark chocolate to complete the brownie mixture.
On a parchment paper 10 inch by 10 inch spread the brownie mixture thinly with a icing spatula ,forming a rectangle shape.
The size of my rectangle came 9 inch by 6 , yours can be smaller or bigger depending how much you able to spread it.
I used a fork to make the criss cross lines.

Brownie mixture spread in parchment paper. Size 9 by 6 Inches


I bake the brownie mixture in same parchment paper that I spread it, I don’t use a baking pan.
*If you like you to put the parchment paper on baking pan chose a flat baking pan since it is easier to transfer.
Put the parchment paper in the middle rack of the oven.
Bake for 30 minutes ,in 330 degrees preheated oven.
Take out and let it cool .
Cut in desired pieces. I cut it in 10 pieces.

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