Mango Chocolate Mousse -126 calories


Mango Chocolate Mousse – 126 Calories / Dairy free dessert

1-Unsweetened Coco powder 1/2 tbsp (5 calories)
2-Frozen Mango 70g (30 calories)
3-Avocado 1oz (45 calories)
4-Coconut-Almond milk 1/4 cup (12 calories)
5-Dates (Dried fruit) 11.5 g ( 34 calories)
Put all above ingredients in a blender.
Mix in the blender until creamy as seen in the above picture.
Makes 6 tablespoons of chocolate mousse.
As a side note :If you  think that chocolate mousse is not as sweet for you add more dates.Just make sure to count the extra added calories.As for me, since I like bittersweet chocolate I don’t need extra sweetness.Don’t freeze. Consume immediately for the best taste.


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