Fruits covered with dark chocolate -236 calories

Fruits covered with dark chocolate


Dark Chocolate 26g -140 calories

Chop the chocolate as shown in the picture below.
*As an example in the picture below you see half of portion of the chocolate that is not chopped and the other half chopped.


Put the chocolate in microwave for 50 second until melts.
*I recommend that after 30 seconds ,to keep checking the chocolate every 10 seconds so does not get burned since the microwave strength can differ.
When melted mix it well with the tip of the butter knife which you will use to spread the chocolate on the fruits.


Mix fruits -96 calories
1- Apple 50g ( 26 calories)
2-Banana 50g (40 calories )
3-Orange 60g (30 calories)
Cut each of the fruits in 4 equal pieces .
Take a small baking pan or a tray.Cover the bottom with parchment paper .
With a butter knife take some melted chocolate and spread the chocolate as evenly as you can on one side of the fruit .
*Before I spread the chocolate on the fruits, i used paper towel to dry the side of the fruit that I spread the chocolate.It helps the chocolate to stick better.
The side of fruit covered with chocolate should be up.
I sprinkled some shaved 1.5g walnuts on some apples .
Also another option is to sprinkle some unsweetened coconut flakes
Line the chocolate covered fruits on the tray.
Refrigerate for 30 minutes or until the chocolate is hard .


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