Red Pepper Salad with Garlic & vinegar-47 calories


Broiled Pepper Salad with Garlic & vinegar-47 calories

Ingredients -30 calories
1-Broiled red bell pepper ,1 whole (30 calories)
Cut the pepper thin strips as seen on picture
*Check out how to grill peppers under subheading : How to prepare
*The peppers I used to decorate are extra calories
Dressing-13 calories
1-Apple cider vinegar 1tsp
2-Balsamic vinegar 1tsp (10 calories)
*I like to use both types of vinegars for this recipe ,but if you only have one kind of vinegar ,just double the portions of the same vinegar.
3-Sugar 1/4 tsp (3 calories)
4-Water 2tbsp
5-Salt 1/8
6-Garlic 1 small clove ( 4 calories)
*thinly sliced
Dissolve the sugar and salt completely in the water .
Add vinegar and garlic.
Mix well the vinaigrette with peppers and garlic.


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