Quinoa salad with beets -153 calories

Quinoa Salad with Beets – 153 calories


1-Cooked quinoa 1/2 cup (80 calories)
2-Cooked beets 35g (10 calories)
3-Carrot 25g (10 calories)
4-Romain Lettuce 36g (4 calories)
*cut thinly
5-Napa cabbage 36g (4 calories)
*cut thinly
*If you don’t have Napa cabbage just
double the amount of Romain lettuce.
6-Parsley 10g
7-Garlic powder 1/2tsp
Mix all the above ingredients together.

Dressing -45 calories

1-Avocado 30g (45 calories)
2-Apple cider vinegar 1tbsp
3-Salt 1/4tsp
4-Water 3tbsp
Mix all above ingredients in blender until creamy.
Mix thoroughly the dressing with the rest of ingredients.

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