Rice pudding -131 calories

Rice Pudding-131 Calories / Dairy free dessert

1-Cooked brown rice 1/4 cup (43 calories)
*learn how to boil brown rice by clicking: How to prepare
2-Almond coconut milk 1/2 cup (23 calories)
3-Honey 2 tsp ( 40 calories)
4-Vanilla extract 1/4 tsp
Put all the above ingredients in a small pot over a medium burner on high heat settings until comes to a boil around to for 4-5 minutes.
Lower the heat to medium.
Pour in the thickening sauce and cook for another 5 minutes.
Remove from heat and pour in a small bowl.

Thickening sauce ( 10 calories)
1-Corn starch 1tsp (10 calories)
2-Water 1tbsp
*dissolve completely the corn starch in 1 tbs cold water.

Walnuts & Dark Chocolate (15 calories)

1-Walnuts 1g (8 calories)
2- Dark chocolate 1g (7 calories)
Grate with the zester  some dark chocolate and walnuts on top and sprinkle some cinnamon if you like.
*You can add more chocolate and walnuts according to your liking, just make sure to add the extra calories.
Refrigerate until gets cold which may take few hours.
*I prefer to make the rice pudding a night before so gets cold overnight.

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