Brown rice & green pea soup-375 calories

Brown rice & green pea soup – 375 Calories / Dairy free and oil free

1-Green peas 3/4 cup or 85g ( 55 calories)
2-Rice 1/4 cup ( 170 calories)
3-Onion 100g (40 calories)
4-Carrots 100g (40 calories)
*chopped or shredded
5-Salt 1/2 tsp
6-Water 5 cups
7-Egg 1 ( 70 calories)

In a medium size pot  put in all the ingredients ,beside the egg.
Boil in high heat for 40 minutes with pot covered half way.
When done, turn off the heat .
On a bowl mix well one egg with a half a cup of water .
Pour egg mixture in the soup,mix well.
Add also 2 tbsp of fresh squeezed lemon juice.
Depending on your taste you can add a pinch of dried oregano and parsley as I did.
Yields 4 cups of soup.


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