Chili -376 calories


Chili -376 Calories  / Oil free & Meet free


Vegetables -121 calories

1-Onions 50g (20 calories)
2-Carrots 50g (20 calories)
*chopped or shredded
3-Peppers 85g (30 calories)
4-Celery 25g (3 calories)
5-Tomatoes 250g (45 calories)
*For convenience ,or if you don’t have fresh tomatoes use caned diced tomatoes.I prefer the fresh tomatoes in order to avoid the extra sodium.
Try to chop all ingredients similar size.

Beans -277 calories

1-Black beans 183g (195 calories)
*i used canned black beans & canned garbanzo beans.Make sure to rinse them well in order to take out excessive salt.
2-Garbanzo beans 43g(36 calories)
3-Corn cornels 30g (27 calories)
*i used frozen corn
4-Smoked paprika 1.5 tbsp
5-Seasoning salt 1/2tsp
7-Water 3 cups

Put all the ingredients in medium pot ,over medium burner.
Boil in high heat ,with cover half way ,for for 25 minutes .
1-Tomato paste 1tbsp -15 calories
*dissolve the tomato paste in 2tbsp water .
Pour the mixture in the pot and continue to cook for another 5 minutes.
Turn off the stove and cover the pot completely .
Let it stand covered for another 15 minutes.
Yields 3.5 cups chili

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