Get off the weight loss “wagon”!

I fell off the wagon – that is the expression that people use often when they have setbacks or quit in their weight loss efforts. Fell off the wagon ? How viewing ourselves being in the wagon can inspire confidence in our abilities?

When it comes to weight loss, many people chose to jump on the wagon of one hyped up diet after another. The truth is that for most people once the initial excitement of the new diet wears off, they are left stuck in the same place or even worse , going further backward.

But the question also arises, why we keep jumping in similar wagons time after time? Simply put: The destination is alluring. All the hyped up diets offer something that we want. Each time we jump on those type of “wagons” so to speak , we tend to think that -this is it ,this time I found the right “wagon” to go along for the ride. We like the destination and think that we will not mind the journey in the wagon as long as we reach that alluring destination. How many time you have chosen to start that journey before you realized that this is not how you wanted to go about in reaching that destination ?

We have to realize that each time we choose to jump in any type of “weight loss wagon” we can’t expect to go much further. After all in a sense we are choosing to be in a wagon again, dependent on someone else to do the pulling . Something has to change so the end result can change.

Make a commitment to yourself that you will be a locomotive and take charge of your health. Take practial steps to help yourself. If you need to learn more about food and nutrition, learn about it. If you need to move more, move. If you need to better your cooking skills , do something. Learn to use kitchen tools, experience with different foods and cooking methods. Don’t be intimidated just keep practicing .

You have a choice to don’t be in a wagon but to choose to be a locomotive instead. It does not matter how much weight you have to pull, eventually it will become lighter as you unload along the way . Don’t fear the hills ahead, just keep on chugging along and soon enough you will be able to enjoy the views that come along with the climb.

Keep on chugging 🚂🚂🚂

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