Potatoes & vegetables with peanut butter powder -287 calories

Potatoes & vegetables soup with peanut butter powder – 287 Calories / Oil free


Potatoes & vegetables (192 calories)

1-Sweet potatoes 50g(43 calories)
2-Potatoes 75g (50 calories)
3-Onion 50g (20 calories)
4-Carrots 80g (32 calories)
5-String beans 170g (50 calories)
6-Garlic cloves 3
7-Water 5 cups
Chop all the vegetables similar size .
Put all ingredients in a medium pot over medium burner.
Cover the pot half way.
Boil over high heat for 30 minutes .
As the soup boils prepare the thickening sauce .

Thickening sauce ingredients ( 95 calories)
1-Tomato paste 1 tbsp ( 15 calories)
2-Corn starch 1 tbsp (30 calories)
3-Peanut butter powder 2 tbsp (50 calories)
1-Dissolve the corn starch with 7 tbsp cold water.
2-Add peanut powder and dissolve completely.
3-Add and dissolve the tomato paste .
Pour the thickening sauce in the soup.
Let it boil for another 5 minuets .
Turn off the stove and let it stand covered for 15 another minutes.
Yields close to 5 cups.

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