Tips for Snacking smart

I have chosen 6 different snacks and decided to make some comments about the choice of snacks and why I like that snack.

Also I tried to summarize in a sentence or a two take away lessons that you can use to snack smart. These conclusions in the comments come from personal experience. They were good reminders for me and I think will help you too .Most of us work hard to control our meal portions but when it comes to snacks ,we tend to overdo the portion size or we tend to make the wrong choices. Snacking should not be done mindlessly because of stress or other feelings, instead use snacks as fuel between meals so you don’t end up overeating at meal times.

1 – I like this snack because: It is crunchy ,tastes great, has volume and is colorful. It is easy to do. I can pack it and take it with me in order to curb my hunger between meals. I often broil some peppers in the weekend to have them handy for the rest of the week.

Remember :Little preparation in the weekends or one afternoon out of the week can go long way .When you are prepared it becomes easier to combat giving into  not so healthy food choices and fall back on old habits that are not conducive to the health of our body & mind. From the past experience i can say that it  was not uncommon for me that not so healthy food choices ,triggered negative feelings ,which exasperated the problem. 

Take away lesson: Little preparation ahead will help you in order to succeed not giving into cravings or old habits that can easily sabotage your efforts.

2 – I like this snack because:This snack is sweet ,salty , crunchy ,filling and appealing to the eyes. I learned to take little time to serve myself food that is appealing to my eyes and filling to the body, good portions size. It is true that we taste with our mouths, but we use other senses, like sight and smell, to make us feel pleased and satisfied with what we are eating.On the other hand we want to fill satisfied with portion size. When we combine these two together, appealing and filling it will become easier to make healthy choices and resist temptation.

Take away lesson: Strive to make your food appealing and filling.

3 – I like this snack because: This snack is crunchy, tasty , filling. Adding garbanzo beans to the snack it is satisfying and curbs my hunger, keeping me happy not deprived. It was important for me to add filling foods in order to don’t feel deprived while I was improving my eating habits . In order to do that I had to change my mindset too. Instead of thinking about foods i couldn’t have, i thought how much better my health and quality of life would become by adding new delicious, filling foods. This proved to be so beneficial since it  helped me not give in into old  habits.

Note: You can pack this snack.Make sure to put the dip in a small container with tight cover.Cut vegetables and put them in ziplock snack bag.

Take away lesson: Incorporate new filling foods in your diet . Even if it is a food you never tried before you can train your taste buds by trying different variety of so many delicious foods that are available. You would be surprise that after awhile instead thinking you have eat those foods, you will want to eat them .

4 –  I like this snack because :It satisfies my chocolate craving without overindulging. When I eat 13g chocolate all by itself I am always left wanting more.When i mixed the same amount of chocolate ,13g, with the popcorn ,i make the chocolate flavor last longer in my mouth then few seconds. By mixing the chocolate with the popcorn I am expanding the volume of food and extending the time of food enjoyment. As a results I don’t end up eating more then I should. As a side note: Popcorn has fiber too. Foods that contain fiber are more filling.

Take away lesson : Expand & extend the volume and flavor of food in order to don’t overeat.

5  – I like this snack because: It is very quick and satisfying. It has the saltiness and crunch I crave sometimes and is generous in portion size and low in calories. It is good for my body because it has good nutritions. This snack appeals to my mind also, because it is generous in portion size and in the same time I feel satisfied that I am not depriving myself of chips or considering that a bad food. Since I chose a healthier version of chips and I combined that with other healthy nutritional filling choices this snack not only curbes my cravings but keeps me happy since I am enjoying chips without feeling guilty. How often that feeling had sabotaged my efforts before . Not anymore!

Take away lesson: Don’t deprive yourself completely from snacks you enjoy .You can chose another  healthier version of  your favorite snack . If you can’t find a satisfying substitute and choose to eat your favorite snack make sure to keep it a serving size and add  volume and satisfaction by incorporating the other additional healthy snack choices with your favorite snack. 

6-I like this snack because:It is great when I have a sweet tooth. It’s crunchy and sweet at the same time. Since the grapes are frozen they take longer to eat then fresh grapes.This is a good thing because when I slow down to eat I get to enjoy more the flavor of grapes which helps me feel satisfied and I don’t have to overeat.

Take away lesson: Slow down ,take time to enjoy your food.

As a side note: I cut the food in smaller pieces in order to slow down when I eat. Pictures below shows examples of two different choices of snacks. Each snack has the same amount of food in both plates except that in the second plate the food is cut in smaller pieces and displayed in more appealing way. Which one would you be more inclined to eat? I know which one I will pick. Second plate of course. I pick the the second plate since it is nicer to look at and seems more volume. Even before I have a bite, for me the eating process has started. I am pleased with the food that I see . That good feeling is like food for my mind since it will help me be content with my food choices and in turn stop me from the need to eat more in order to be satisfied. It is important when we eat snacks to be mindful what and how much we eat .The calories from snack can add up really quick and sabotage your efforts in trying to reach your goals.


I learned to feed my body right but also feed my mind right by applying the suggestion from 1-6. Hope incorporating some of these suggestions helps to motivate you to come up with your own ideas and chose to Snack Smart.


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