Zucchini patties

These patties are very easy to do after you learn how to do them.
I have been making these patties for at least 16 years, and each and every time they are a crowd pleaser with young and old. I have been asked so many times for the recipe. I know that looks a lot of directions, but I want to make sure you do it right since after you learn to make them you will want to do it many times.


1-Zucchini ,skin included 200g (shredded with #1 side shredder )
*try to buy small to medium size zucchini.Bigger zucchinis tend to have more water and then you need to use more flour .
2-Carrots 60g (shredded)
3-Egg 1
4-Salt 1/4 tsp
5-Dry parsley 1/2 tsp
6-Flour 1/4 cup

Put the ingredients from 1-5 in a mixing bowl.
Next step is very important in order for the patties to come out right .
Mix the ingredients together GENTLY with the tips of your fingers.
As you add the flour ,continue to mix gently the flour with the vegetables in order for the vegetables to absorb the flour.
Don’t Squeeze the mixture.We don’t want the vegetables to release extra water and make the patties soggy and oily.

CAUTION & DIRECTIONS IN FRYING :Since the oil in the pan will get hot, make sure that you don’t drop the mixture in the oil to cause a splash ,instead when you put the patty mixture in the pan ,the spoon with the patty mixture touches the oil and the mixture slides in the pan.

Put 3tbsp of cooking oil in a medium size pan. ( If you don’t have enough oil to fry all the patties you add oil to the pan as needed. For me 3tbsp oil is enough.)
Put the pan in a medium burner ,high heat.
Let the oil get hot (not to the point of smoke).
*Make sure is the right heat. If the heat is to low, the patties take to long to cook and soak to much oil . We don’t want soggy patties instead we want the outside to be crispy .
*Check out the picture of how a high heat looks ,by clicking under
subheading: Tools and phrases

With the tip of the tablespoon ,take out a portion of mixture and put it in the pan .With the tip of the same spoon make sure to try to flatten the mixture before you move on to the next spoonful.( don’t just leave a lump to fry in the pan )Continue to fill up the pan with the rest of the 8patties.

Since this is your first time ,you may be to careful and slow and by the time you finish putting the last patties in the pan is time to start turning them in the other side. As you get faster you probably have to let them cook a little bit longer before you turn .Either case you will know they are ready to turn when you notice that the outside of the patties are getting crisp and turn nice brown color.Turn them and cook in the other side until they look like in the picture.

Take them out and put them over paper towels in order to take off excessive oil.
As a side note: I made 21 patties. Since I make zucchini patties almost weekly for the last 16 years, my patties come similar size without even measuring. For instructional purposes I weighted the portion for one patty, and is around 16g of mixture before frying. Before you start to fry the patties weight just the first patty mixture so you can have an idea how large a patty should be.

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