Sauté asparagus & carrots

Sauté asparagus & carrots


  • 1-Asparagus 200g
    *cut asparagus diagonally and thinly as seen in the picture below.
  • 2-Carrots 50g
    *in order for the carrots to get cooked quickly on the wok ,take a peeler and make thin slices,as shown in the picture below then cut them with wavy knife as in the picture.
  • 3-Cooking oil 1tbsp
  • 4-Garlic salt 1/4tsp


1- Pour oil in a wok.
2- Put the wok in large burner over high heat.
3- Once oil is hot , (less then a minute) add the vegetables.
4- Cover with the lid for 3 minutes .
5–After 3 minutes ,add garlic salt ,mix well and cover for another 2 minutes.
6- Uncovered and sauté for another minute.

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