Avocado dip with popcorn chips – 177 calories

5-Avocado dip with popcorn chips

1-Avocado 45g (66 calories)
2-Cherry tomatoes 100g (18 calories)
*cut in half
3-Onion 25g (10 calories)
*chopped in chunks
4-Fresh cilantro 5g
5-Garlic salt 1/4tsp
6-Lemon juice 1tsp

Put the above ingredients in blender.
Make sure to blend only few seconds, until is roughly chopped,we don’t want the dip to be liquefied.
*makes about 8 tbsp avocado dip
Serve it with popcorn chips and sliced cucumbers
1-Cucumber 80g (10 calories)
2-Popcorn chips 21g (73 calories)

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