Garbanzo beans & sun dried tomatoes dip -223 calories

3-Garbanzo bean & sun dried tomatoes

1-Garbanzo beans 120g (110 calories)
*Rinse well the caned beans to take out excessive salt.
2-Sun-dried tomatoes in oil 19g (70 calories)
3-Sesame seeds 1tsp (10 calories)
4-Cumin 1tsp
5-Lemon juice 1tsp
6-Salt 1/4 tsp
7-Water 3tbsp
Mix well in a blender
Serve with mini peppers cut in half & sliced cucumber.
*You can choose other vegetables you enjoy like ,carrots,zucchini etc.
1-Mini peppers 85g (30 calories)
2-Cucumber 25g (3 calories)
*Be creative and next time instead of sun dried tomatoes use calamata olives, or leftover grilled vegetables.

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