Mixed colored peppers & ricotta cheese

Mini mixed peppers & ricotta cheese

1-Mini colored peppers 123g
*cut the peppers round as seen in the picture.

Put them in a medium cooking pan with 3 tbs water .Cover and cook high heat until the water evaporates,around 3-4 minutes.Right away put in the mixture of ricotta cheese and lower heat to medium and keep cooking covered for another 4 minutes.Take out and put in a plate. Put in the pan 2 tbs of water and scrape and mix the ricotta cheese that is stuck in the pan. Pour over the peppers.

Ricotta cheese mixture
1-Ricotta cheese 1/4cup (100 calories)
2-Minced garlic clove 1
3-Salt 1/8tsp
4-Dry parsley 1/4tsp
5-Dry oregano 1/4tsp
6-Apple cider vinegar 1tsp

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