Tender juicy lamb chops

Tender juicy lamb chops

1-Lamb chops 8
I buy them in rack and after I cut them individually before I cook them.
Season with seasoning salt according to your taste on both sides.
In a large pan put 1.5 tablespoon of cooking oil.
Put the pan over a large burner,medium high heat setting. Let the oil get hot around 30 seconds.
Arrange the lamb chops in the pan and cook 2 minutes one side and 2 minutes on the other side. After 4 minutes are done remove the lamb chops from the pan in a serving plate as seen in the first picture.
As a side point : The cooking time of 4 minutes all together applies to lamb chops that are not so thick , like the ones you see in picture. If your lamb chops are much thicker of course you have to add more to the cooking time.
Also after taking out the lamb chops put few tablespoons of water in the pan and scrape the pan with a spatula . You will have a nice flavored liquid to put over the plain brown rice which you can serve with the lamb, as a side dish ,as shown in the picture

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