The recipe for success in feeding the mind right is made of four key ingredients. The second one is accountability.

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All of us have been in situations where we had to give an explanation or accept accountability to someone else for a course of action ,or lack of it , in certain circumstances.When it comes to our health is not easy to hold ourselves accountable since we think that we don’t have to answer to anyone for our actions but ourselves .This type of thinking also makes us more likely to chose to ignore or tolerate the consequences of our actions in connection with our health. When it comes of taking charge of our health we can’t afford to show lack of accountability or think that we have time to start tomorrow to take action. This can be the results of that thinking :

  • I will start tomorrow;
    It seems I always say.
  • I will start tomorrow ;
    That has been the way.
  • I will start tomorrow;
    But then go astray.
  • I will start tomorrow;
    Or the following day.
  • I will start tomorrow;
    In the same place I stay.

build motivation ready for print_page_038-1Can you even count how many times you made that statement in the last month, year or even decade? Choose to start “today “in keeping yourself accountable in the way you show attention to your health. Write down the consequences of you choosing to “start tomorrow ” in taking better care of your health.

How it has affected your quality of life and the things you love to do? How it has affected you physically and emotionally? How it has affected your loved ones around you? Take responsibility about your past actions and learn from it. Can’t change the past but you can change the future. Writing the answers to these questions is the first step in helping yourself to be more accountable towards your health since you are acknowledging instead of ignoring the consequences of your actions.

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