Poached eggs with avocado on whole grain bread – 235 calories


Poached egg & Avocado on whole grain bread


1- Poached Egg 1- 70 calories ( Find out how to prepare poached eggs under : Helpful tips – How to prepare )

2- Whole grain bread 1 slice – 120 calories

3- Avocado 30g – 45 calories


Arrange the ingredients as seen in above picture. Season wit salt according to your taste or add salsa . You also can add some broiled red pepper ( 30 calories) or 2 slices crumbled beacons.( 70 calories extra)

Salsa ( optional ) – 1 tbsp – 10 calories

As a side point: Since the calories are low in this breakfast you can add another slice of bread and make this a sandwich. Or you can add to your breakfast a fruit to liking.

Adding salsa optional

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