Quinoa with berries – 268 calories

Breakfast: Quinoa with berries

1- Cooked Quinoa 1/2 cup – 80 calories ( Check out how to cook quinoa by clicking Startup Recipes / How to prepare )

2- Frozen berries 1cup – 70 calories

3- Almond & Coconut milk 1/2 cup – 23 calories

4- Walnuts 0.5 ounce – 95 calories


Defrost the berries by putting them in microwave, maybe just one minute depends on the microwave. If you like you can let them defrost overnight on the fridge 2-Chop the walnuts 3- Mix the milk and quinoa on a bowl. Warm it up on microwave according to your liking . Add berries and walnuts on top .

As a side note: You always can use oatmeal instead of quinoa

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