No more procrastination!

If you are tired opening & closing the same door,       build motivation ready for print_page_038
And this time you want results different then before,
Start now by saying ; No more.

No more        
Excuses that don’t let me sore
No more    
Reality will I ignore
No more      
Will I consider good health as a chore
No more      
Will one failure crush me as before
No more        
Will my self – worth fly out the doorbuild motivation ready for print_page_038
No more      
Will I need perfection to soar
No more  
Will I be stuck, closing and opening the same door

  • What is your “ No more” ?

Procrastination is something that we all very familiar with. From time to time we find ourselves choosing to do something else in order to avoid a chore or a task that we know we should be doing.

Speaking from personal experience when it comes in making our health a priority here are few reasons for procrastination:

  • We make excuses time after time
  • We tend to be perfectionist and deep inside we fear the failure
  • We may think is too much work and we may feel overwhelmed by our task ahead.

Food for thought: What about you? Have you ever asked yourself the question : Why do I keep procrastinating in taking better care of  my health time after time even though i know I need to make it a priority? How has  procrastination affected your physical or emotional health? How has affected also the loved ones around you? I encourage you to write honestly and in details  the answers to those questions in order for you to be able to figure out the reasons for procrastination . Doing that will help you to know where to start focusing your efforts  in trying to find the solutions to overcome procrastination.

build motivation ready for print_page_038

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