Enough excuses!

  • There are hundreds excuses you can make,
  • But a thousands steps forward you can take.

Sometimes we tend to dwell to much into the past negative experiences that happened in our life.We can’t change the past but we can choose to move forward and change our future for better.

Yes, we have a choice to say: “ Enough Excuses ”.

  • Like a puppet on a string
  • The past controlled my being.
  • Years given away .
  • To should and could have been,
  • The past already been;
  • The present I chose to live in.
  • No more victim I decide to be,
  • From the past I choose to be free,
  • Accepting accountability
  • For what the future holds for me

build motivation ready for print_page_038-1Accepting accountability in taking better care of our health involves a willingness or a obligation we have to ourselves and to our loved ones , to face what holds us back and then to take responsibility for our actions in working towards improving our health.

Write down what action you can take right now in helping yourself to move forward in reaching your health goals. List the strengths that you already have that will help you follow through with your action plan . On the other hand what are the challenges that you may expect and how you plan to deal with them successfully.

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