Moist Salmon -290 calories

Moist Salmon – No oil / butter – From frozen to delicious in just 12 minutes


1- Frozen Salmon – 6 oz ( 290 calories )

2- Salmon seasoning  or garlic salt – 1/2 tsp

3- Lemon juice – 1 tbsp


Put the salmon in a small pan. Add the lemon and seasoning as seen on the picture below. Cover the pan completely. Put the pan over medium burner. Cook on the medium heat setting , this is very important step in order for the salmon to come up just right. If you need to see a picture of medium heat setting click on the “ Helpful  tips”.

Cook for 8 minutes .


This is the picture after 8 minutes are done. Since the heat setting was just right , and the salmon was frozen you have juices in the pan . If you don’t see the juices n the pan that means your left the  heat settings to high.

After 8 minutes are done

Turn the salmon over and cook for another 4 minutes. Turn off the heat. The picture below shows how salmon looks after 4 minutes are done . No juices left on the pan but you have all the flavor there. Take the salmon out and put 2 tbsp of water and scrape the pan in order to combine the flavor  with the water. In this moment you can taste the juices and see if you like to add extra lemon or salt according to your taste.

After 4 minutes are done

Make it a meal under 400 calories  : 1- 6 oz of salmon with the simple lettuce salad total of 369 calories. 2- Serve 3oz of salmon with Potatoes and green bean salad total of 360 calories. 3- Serve 3oz of salmon over 1 cup plain brown rice and 2 servings of broiled mini colored peppers total of 385 calories.

Chose ahead what you will serve the salmon with. Buy ahead the needed ingredients you need so you will stick with your healthy eating. When it comes to eating healthy many times what causes most stress is the thought of not knowing what to cook or not being prepared. I try to put the information in the blog in a way that you can find practical help in both areas. Just chose to take action to benefit yourself.


Prepare = Excel

Faliure to prepare = Derail





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