The kids will not even know that they are eating healthy foods. Do you wish your kids ate more vegetables or tried new foods ? This is one way to do it. It is amazing that most kids ,or even some kids at heart , will not to eat the salad bean by itself but they will eat the same ingredients inside the burrito. I speak from experience. Each time I served the burrito to the kids  ,or others ,they wanted more. Give it a try and let me know what is your experience.

1-To make the bean tomato salad follow the recipe directions under ‘Low calorie recipes /  Salads ideas “. Keep in mind that the salad is only for one serving and  I don’t use any oil in all the salads in that section . If you are not trying to watch your calories or you are making the recipe for others you can  add olive oil to the salad.

2-In order to make it kid  friendly I put some of the salad in the tortilla. I may also add some thinly sliced meats or little cheese on top. Don’t overstuffed it .

Note: I put the tortilla in a medium size pan over medium heat setting to warm in both sides for 20 seconds each, in order to be easier to wrap without tearing. You also can put it in the microwave for few seconds, 10 – 15 seconds depends on the microwave.

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