Broiled corn with Asparagus & Carrots

“More veggies please” – Don’t you wish to hear those words from your kids? You can, if you introduce the veggies to your kids the way i did . Since the alphabet starts with A, why not make it a goal to introduce your kids this week to: Asparagus.

This is what have worked for me.
We don’t have to guess that if we give the kids a choice to eat  corn or the asparagus most of them will choose – corn. You may reach the conclusion that you tried to offer the asparagus to them and it did not work. Instead of getting stuck, be creative.

Since they like the corn can you use that as the platform vegetable to introduce the other less favorite veggie, in this case the asparagus? Both the recipes of corn and Asparagus are in my site . In the “Search” write the name of vegetables and the recipe will come up.

As a side note : The first time I introduced the asparagus to my kids  I  used 3/4  portion of corn  and  only 1/4 asparagus, also i cut the asparagus smaller . As they got used to the flavor and texture it  became half portion of each vegetable. Now  they enjoy eating the asparagus by itself. I feel great as a mother that i did my job, introducing them to the different vegetables and both of my kids thank me that i did not give up in doing that.

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