Are you Feeding or defeating ?

Many times we tend to bury our unpleasant feelings or worries with food instead of confronting them accordingly. These are the words that came to my mind about the outcome of that behavior.

build motivation ready for print_page_060Feed loneliness,
You will be trapped.
Feed anger,
You will be defeated.
Feed anxiety,
You’ll be consumed.
Feed stress,
You’ll be overwhelmed.
Feed fears,
You’ll be paralyzed.
Feed insecurities,
You’ll be crippled.
Feed negativity,
You’ll have despair.
Feed boredom,
You’ll be cornered .

  • Thankfully we can choose to change the outcome.

build motivation ready for print_page_060Face loneliness,
You’ll be embraced.
Face anger,
You’ll find your strength.
Face anxiety,
You’ll be at rest.
Face stress,
You’ll find caress.
Face fears,
You’ll be amazed.
Face insecurities,
You’ll find your best.
Face negativity,
You’ll empower yourself.
Face boredom,
You’ll celebrate.

Some food for thought: Using food to cope with stress, boredom or any type of feelings just fills up the stomach but not a starving brain. Changing the way we handle our feelings  in connection with the food is essential in order to see lasting improvement in bettering our health. Change is not easy to do but it starts by recognizing the pattern of behavior.

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