Third ingredient – Honesty

The recipe for success in feeding the mind right is made of four key ingredients. The third one is honesty.

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Have you been more then few times on the weight loss – gain roller coaster ride and it seems that you can’t get off ?

If you answered “ Yes ” , I encourage you to honestly evaluate what are the reasons that makes you go back hopping over and over again in the same sickening ride that you want so bad to get off.

I spend years learning many things on how to take better care of my health. I was still frustrated since I was not able to see consistent results. I was wondering what I was lacking since I was already doing many things right. After a honest self – evaluation,  I came to the conclusion that I had lacked to recognize all along the negative effect that emotional eating had on my efforts in improving my health.

It happens often that our efforts  to improve our health are pushed aside from every day stresses and we tend to go back to our old habits that are not conducive in reaching our goals. I had to learn to don’t give in to emotional eating when things got stressful in my life. In order to do that I had to learn to recognize the difference between two types of hunger: Physical and Emotional hunger. This is my simple viewpoint in the difference between physical & emotional hunger.


  • Happens gradually
  • Under control
  • Nourishing foods
  • Get satisfied
  • Energy gained
  • Restored strength


  • Happens suddenly
  • Uncontrolled consumption
  • Need for specific foods
  • Getting stuffed
  • Emotionally numb
  • Regret and guilt

Recognizing the difference between physical & emotional hunger helped me to learn ways to handle them accordingly. After all you can’t fix something you don’t acknowledge.

Disclaimer : My experience is meant to be just motivational and not as a advice for people with serious Emotional Eating Disorders  who may need professional advice and medical help.

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