The recipe for success in feeding the mind right is made of four key ingredients. The fourth one is kindness.

During our efforts in improving our health it is crucial to pay attention not only on how we feed our bodies but also how we feed our minds. Many times if things don’t go as we planed or we have setbacks in our journey to reach our goals,  we react unkindly towards ourselves. We tend to be over critical or feel excessive guilt in the way things went. We have the tendency to say harsh and unkind words to ourselves  that we will never use towards someone else who needs encouragement as they experience setbacks in their journey. This behavior makes us more negative towards ourselves and many time makes us go back to our bad habits that are not conducive to our health.

Knowing that the harsh and unkind words have a negative effect in others not only prevents us from refraining from that kind of speech but also makes us look for ways to to be encouraging and upbuilding to our friends or loved ones who need our help and encouragement during their struggles. If the words that we say or think towards ourselves, are too harsh to say to someone that we love and care about , why should those same words be ok to say it to ourselves? Especially during  setbacks , make a conscious choice , to treat yourself in the way your best friend needs to be treated in time of need.

  • build motivation ready for print_page_086A true friend,
    Will not help you mask your pain
    With bad habits that bring no gain.
  • A true friend
    Will not give up on you
    When you fall short and can’t come through.
  • A true friend
    When you slip and fall ,
    Will say “ You’re not a failure at all ,
    You are strong , resilient, and I know you can
    Pick yourself up , and start again!”

Food for thought : What type of friend are you to you? Do you give yourself love and respect that you deserve? When you are down and in pain , do you treat yourself with kindness or disdain?
Make a quick evaluation: Write down the words you tell yourself when you fall short of your expectations?  Write down the  words that you tell to your friends if they fall short of their expectations ? Do you see a difference ? If so , you need to work to become your own best friend and change the harsh and unkind voice toward yourself.

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