Self – Condemnation vs Gratitude

Yourself with others don’t compare
and you will have more gratitude
and less despair .

When it comes to body image in this day and age it is hard to don’t compare ourselves with others and think we are not good enough. Constantly comparing ourselves with others can makes us not happy with who we are, in the same time , it makes us lose appreciation for what we already have. This is not conducive to our health ,especially more so, if we are trying to lose the excess weight we carry . The self – condemnation attitude towards ourselves  can makes us impatient and desperate in trying to reach our weight loss goals .That can lead to not so healthy choices when it comes in reaching and maintaining those goals.

Self – condemnation- A bitter pill to swallow that brings only resentment & sorrow!

      build motivation ready for print_page_086             Instead :

    • Make it your duty
    • To witness your beauty
    • And be glad your physique
    • Is truly unique
    • No one else has your genes
    • Or personality .
    • Don’t dwell on futility
    • But on your body’s ability
    • Self- Condemanation
    • Will not take you far,
    • So count your blessings,
    • And love who you are.

We have the power to change the mindset in the way we view ourselves. We have a choice to stop negative self-talk that destroys our self – esteem.
But, it is not only about stopping the negative inner voice, is about replacing that negative voice with a positive one. Make it your aim to raise the positive inner voice louder each time you find yourself thinking self – defeating words or thoughts.
As with any change this will be hard at first but for sure it gets easier as you use loving, kind, caring and upbuilding words towards yourself. As you work consistently in raising your positive inner voice , the negative voice that produces resentment and sorrow, will faint away. Aim each day , to cultivate gratitude about your body’s abilities.
build motivation ready for print_page_086

Love your eyes
No mater what size.
They are the windows
To the dreams
You wish to realize.
Love your feet
That touch the ground
And take you places all around.
Love your ears
That hear words and sounds,
And make your heart pounds.
build motivation ready for print_page_086Love your arms
That stretch wide
To hug loved ones
That fills you joy and pride.
Love your nose
That let you smell
The endless aromas
Impossible to describe or tell.
Love your tummy,
If it’s flat or round,
And listen to its grumbling sounds.
Most importantly
build motivation ready for print_page_086What really counts?
Gratitude, in greater amount.

Gratitude helps us look for ways to treat our bodies with the love and care that it deserves . In turn,  we will find it easier in reaching and maintaining our goals .

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