Low calorie marshmallow chocolate sweet


This low calorie marshmallow chocolate sweet is the right amount to satisfies your sweet tooth when you have cravings. Since we are not using Graham crackers you will be saving 65 calories which makes this recipe only 50 calories.

Ingredients & preparation 

10 grams of large marshmallow
3 g Hershey milk chocolate
14 pieces multi grain Cheerios

1- Toasting marshmallow: Put the marshmallow in the tip of a long fork  and toast it over gass stove burner . If you have at your disposal a Culinary Torch Kitchen you can use that instead.

2- Cut a piece of Hershey chocolate and put it in the middle of the toasted marshmallow.

3- To make it crunchy place into soft roasted marshmallow pieces of Cheerios  and enjoy.

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