What’s for dinner? – Lightly sweeten Sausages with sweet potatoes & Brussels Sprouts

68D871C6-8AB3-452C-A8EB-DC9354241C02This is another delicious and easy way to cook sausages besides the usual recipe of peppers & sausages . You can serve it with your favorite side dish but the above picture is a suggestion.

Sausage preparation & cooking directions

Take 3 Italian sausages and make a cut lengthwise .
Open and flatten them in a large non stick pan by pressing with your hand.
Once flatten gently remove the casing or sausages skin making sure not to break the sausages.
It’s important to do this step in order for the sausages to stay flat and not curl up as they cook.
Put the pan in medium high heat over a large burner.
Cook the sausages 3-4 minutes on each side or until they are a nice brown color.
In the last 30 seconds lower the heat to the lowest setting and add to the pan 2 tsp brown sugar disolved in 3 Tbsp of water.
Move and turn the sausages around so they get even coat of the sweet liquid.
Turn off the burner and place the sausages in plate pouring over them any leftover liquid.

Side note: For me this is enough touch of sweetness but of course if you like more juices you can add more water and brown sugar.

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