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The blog name stand for: Feed Two – Body & Mind to BUILD YOU.

Become your best.                         ( because)
Use your knowledge
Inspire inward confidence          You are resilient
Leave the past behind.                 One of the kind
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Maintaining  a healthy lifestyle, which most of the time includes losing the excess weight we carry, is a challenge for most of us to say the least. My viewpoint in being successful in the long run with this challenge is; dedicating equal time and energy not only how to feed our bodies  right but also our minds. After all, we are and become not only what we eat but also what we think.

I decided to share my experience since most of us go through similar challenges after we make resolutions about weight loss or improving our eating habits. We are eager and ready to work toward our goals but not long after our eagerness and motivation following through with our healthy changes is trampled down from stresses of everyday life.

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In my blog I will share the “recipe” that has worked for me in overcoming challenges and keeping motivated when “life happens “ so to speak. That motivation has helped me to keep looking for ways in order to build on needed skills in taking better care of my health. One of these essential skills that I have improved through the years is learning more about nutrition and how to cook healthier meals for myself and my family.

Cooking meals at home, most of the time, is the best way in taking charge of our health. In my blog you will find easy & tasty recipes. You don’t have to be intimidated from lack of cooking skills. The information on the blog is presented in a way that you can build on the things you learn or already know.

Combining your improved cooking skills with the needed motivation will increase confidence in your abilities. As a result you will be in better position taking charge of your health and make the needed changes in order to reach your goals and maintain them. 

It is about time to BUILD YOU.

  • Disclaimer: The writen material on the blog is solely an expression of the opinion of its author Kleida Selca. The blog is designed to provide information & motivation and is not intended to img_0648offer professional advice or act as a substitute in any way for the medical advice of a physician, psychologist, or nutritionist.