My name is Kleida Selca. I am the author, photographer and recipes developer for Feed2build.
I was born and grew up in Albania. I moved to America a little more than 20 years ago. My cooking is greatly influenced by where I grew up and so is my grammar ☺️. I am happily married to my wonderful husband and we have two beautiful children.

Being a mom I hear all the time the words: “What is to eat”. I remember, especially  when my children were younger , that I got stressed trying to figure out how to add more variety of foods in family meal times. In my blog I will share recipes that I have developed in order to feed my family more nutritious foods. I hope that the recipes under subheading “ Family recipes” will ease the stress that comes along with incorporating  more variety and healthy foods for your family.

Anyone who knows me can tell you that the recipes I make have to pass the test of being tasty, nutritious, and appealing. I believe in the expression ; “We eat with our eyes first”. I also strongly believe that in order to best take care of our health, we can’t just change what we put in our bodies and ignore what we feed our minds. We can’t just try to spend time and energy to feed our bodies healthy nutritious foods and still continue to feed “junk” like foods to our minds. Many times changing what we feed our minds is harder, but necessary , in order for our health to improve in the long run. After all, our body can’t do what the mind does not tell it to do. This is the reason I found it necessarily to share information into  these two areas simultaneously.

Due to health reasons, I have to avoid completely gluten & dairy based products . That is why in my blog you will find many recipes that are gluten or dairy free. Since i enjoy cooking  this limitation actually helped me to be more creative and expand the variety of the recipes I have developed. On the other hand, since my family and others don’t have the same restriction as me, in my blog I will share recipes that include gluten and dairy products too.

This is my  introduction. Thank you for stopping by and please familiarize yourselves with the rest of the site. I encourage you to visit again or subscribe to get the latest post.

See you soon✋