Turkey meatloaf with mashed potatoes & broccoli -312 calories

Turkey meatloaf with mashed potatoes & broccoli -312 calories

Turkey meat loaf -113 calories
1- Ground Turkey raw 3 oz ( 113 calories)
2-Seasonings salt 1/4 tsp
*mix well ground turkey with seasoning salt

Vegetables- 52 calories
1-Onion 50 g (21 calories)
2-Peppers 25g (8 calories)
3-Celery 25 g (3 calories)
4-Carrots 25g(20 calories)
Shredded with #2 side shredder
*Look picture of # 2 shredder under subheading:Tools & Phrases
5-Ketchup 1 tbsp (15 calories)
Chop as small and evenly as you can the rest of the ingredients.
Mix well all vegetables with the ground turkey.
Make a oval lump.
Spread the ketchup over the meatloaf
Heat the oven 350 degrees .
I put the meatloaf on a oval glass baking pan (10 inch by 7 inch)
*check the picture of the pan under subheading:Tools & phrases
Cook the turkey meat loaf for 40 minutes .

Mashed potatoes -74 calories
1- Potato 70 g (56 calories)
*cut in 6 to 8 cubes.
2- Cauliflower 50 g(18 calories).
3-Water 2.5 cups
Put the above ingredient in a small pot, over a medium size burner.
Boil the potatoes & cauliflower in medium high heat for 15-17 minutes ,with cover half way.
Strain the water .
Return the potatoes & cauliflower back to the pot.
Mash well together .
Season with salt to your liking .
*I did not put salt on mashed potatoes since I put salt on the gravy.

Gravy -10 calories
1- Corn starch 1 tsp ( 10 calories)
2-Water 6 tbsp
3-Salt 1/4 tsp
Mix well with 6 tbsp of cold water the corn starch until corn starch is dissolved
Remove the meatloaf from the baking pan.
Add the mixture of water and cornstarch in the baking pan .
Scrape and mix well the dripping with the cornstarch water mix.
Put the liquid mixture in a small pot in medium burner,high heat.
Bring it to a boil . Soon it starts to boil,lower the heat .
Let it cooked for another 2-3 minutes until thickens .

Broccoli & tomatoes -48 calories
1- Frozen Broccoli’s 100g (30 calories)
2-Cubed tomato’s 100 g ( 18 calories)
3-Garlic salt 1/4 tsp
Mix the vegetables in a small baking pan and season with 1 tbs lemon juice and garlic salt.
Put the oven on broil.
Put the baking pan with the vegetables on the rack in the second highest spot .
Cook for 15 minutes.
*In my stove the broil is on top .This instructions are meant for ovens with that type of broil setting.