Spaghetti squash with ground turkey -262 calories

Mix veggies with ground turkey -208 calories

1-Ground turkey 2oz (75 calories)
2-Brussels sprouts 90g (40 calories)
3-Zucchini 50g (13 calories)
*shred the zucchini using # 1 side shredder
4-Butternut squash 100g (40 calories)
*shred the butternut squash using # 1 shredder
5-Onion 50g (20 calories)
6-Steak seasoning 1/2 tbs
*You can use your favorite seasoning
7-Water 1/2 cup
Cut small
9- Garlic
Cut thinly
Cut thinly the Brussels sprout.
*Cut the bottom of the Brussels sprouts.Cut them in half before you cut them thinly .
Chop small cubes the onions and tomatoes.
*If the tomatoes are grape tomatoes ,cut them small circles.
Put all ingredients from 1-7 ,in a medium sauté pan.
Put the pan in a medium burner over medium high heat .
Cover the pan , cook a total of 10 minutes making sure that for every 2 minutes follow the instructions below.
Every 2 minutes ,uncover the pan and mix the ingredients.
Mix well all ingredients making sure the turkey does not become a big lump but is mixed all over with the rest of vegetables.
If during mixing the food gets stuck ,you can put little water,one or two tablespoon of water at time .
In the last 2 minutes, add the garlic and tomatoes.
When 2 minutes are done turn off the stove .
Let it covered for 10 more minutes before you serve.

Spaghetti squash -54 calories
1- Baked spaghetti squash 200g
*check how to bake spaghetti squash under subheadings:How to prepare.
Put the mix vegetables and turkey in top of spaghetti squash.
*If you like the way I plated ,put the vegetables and ground turkey in the middle and spaghetti squash all around.